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Board Movies

Here is THE list of US released movies with scenes related to corporate governance topics, such as Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities. Note: most movies only show a few related scenes.

Pure Board of Directors Movies

Hudsucker Proxy, The

As part of a stock scam in the '50s, a recently graduated business student gets hired as President of a large manufacturing company without a clue about Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities (1994).

My Gold Cadillac

The small shareholders turn one company upside down. This is probably the most corporate governance focused movie on this page (1956).

Movies with some scenes related to Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities

Apprentice,  The

Donald Trump's TV show which ends each episode with a ‘You Are Fired’ Boardroom scene.

Bank, The

This thriller follows in the tradition of movies like Wall Street and Rogue Trader (2002).

Barbarians at the Gate

Shows the Board of Directors in action towards the end (1993).

Bernard & Doris

2006 movie with Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes. Three board room scenes.

Billion Dollar Bubble (1976) starring James Woods

30 year old example shows that problems with corporate governance didn't start with the Enrons of the world. Contacting for a copy of the movie. They show it during their classes.

Carpetbaggers, The

This movie about the life of Howard Hughes starts with a brief shareholders ‘meeting’ (1964).

Chairman of the Board

A Walt Disney movie for kids about a young man who becomes the Chairman of the Board of a large corporation (2001).


Deal, The

Has it all: illegal trading on the world’s energy markets, money laundering, political drama, a global oil crisis, the Russian Mafia, assassinations, love, corporate corruption and even a scene about Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities (2005).


A thriller with a scene of the shareholders’ meeting towards the end of the movie (1994).

Down To Earth

A comedy with Chris Rock who, as a new and inexperienced Chairman brings customers to the boardroom meeting.

Enron, The smartest guy in the room

Shows some boardroom action towards the end (2005).

Executive Suite

The Board of Directors and shareholders are confronted with the death of the company owner who didn’t name a successor (1954).

The First $20 Million

The Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities of a Silicon Valley start up are barely defined during their first, so-called shareholder’s meeting in the company's offices - the garage (2002).

Head Office

A, by now old, comedy shows a Chairman in action (1985).

Hold the Dream

Four-part TV series about the last years of the live of Emma Harte, who rose from servant to head of an international retail dynasty, and her family members who were the company’s shareholders (1983).

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Comedy musical for those who like to see Board of Directors sing (1967).

Inspector Morse – The Sins of the Fathers

A movie about a small family business and a critical board event (1990).

Law & Order

Topic: Boardroom financing gone bad.           Episode name: Tuxedo Hill.    

Episode Number: 22/Season Num: 1.            First Aired: Friday May 10, 2002 hill/episode/145345/summary.html

Meet Joe Black

Three board meetings in one movie show that well defined Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities are not enough to address ethical questions.

Other People’s Money

A Wall Street takeover guru finds the love of his life at the wrong size of the negotiation table during a take over (1991).


The movie shows a Chairman and CEO in relationship with his senior team (1955).

Power & Lovers

An outdated movie with some (lame) boardroom scenes (1994).


Watch a Chairman and CEO who has no grip on his senior executive team (1987).


A black and white movie without speech shows the 1915 New York Stock Exchange and a complete absence of Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities..

Chronicles a Silicon Valley Internet company through all its start up pains, including VC meetings, shareholder problems, recruiting a new Board of Directors, growing pains and decline (2001).

Studio60 on the Sunset Strip

Disc 3 -Episode ‘Monday’
This episode has a scene with a board meeting from the parent company.

Substance of Fire, The

Early on in the movie there is an ugly board meeting of a small family owned business (1996).


There is early on in the movie a brief scene in the Connex Oil Boardroom (2005).

Wall Street

This classic shows one scene of a shareholders meeting (1987).

Movies about the Absence of Corporate Governance


The film portraits a call center of a brokerage firm that runs without any corporate governance (2000).

Owning Mahoney

Based on a true story of the largest one-man bank fraud in Canadian history (2003).

The Prime Gig

A reputable telemarketing firm turns out to be a one-man show in a one-room ‘company’ where a freshly hired sales people believe to be working for a legitimate firm (2000).

Rogue Trader

The story about Nick Leeson and the downfall of the 200-year-old Barings Bank (1999).

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