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Test Yourself
The risk of a new CEO
being dismissed is
greatest during the CEO's
First 100 Days.
CEO Coaching, CEO Coach, CEO Assessment Correct         CEO Coaching, CEO Coach, CEO Training Incorrect

CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching, CEO Coach
CEO Coaching, CEO Coach Every CEO dismissal is in part the result of
    personality. How are you ensuring a long run?

CEO Coaching, CEO Coach Will your usual ways of leading change still fit the
    '08 organization?

CEO Coaching, CEO Coach Your small mistake costs millions, your big one
    costs more. How are you easing the risks?
Typical Client Requests

CEO Coaching requests vary tremendously, are urgent in nature, and culture specific.
CEO Coach, CEO Development  Pre-boarding negotiations
CEO Coaching, CEO Coach  Accelerated integration of the new CEO
CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  On-boarding, the First 100 Days, and new CEO Training
CEO Coaching, CEO Coach  Managing the Board
CEO Coach, CEO Development  Merging a new senior team
CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  Performance review for the new CEO
CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  Leadership branding
CEO Coach, CEO Coaching  Ensuring specific CEO styles, language, or behavior
CEO Coaching, CEO Coach  Crystallizing personal philosophies (about power, success, personal values,...)

Change Leaders Inc. offers PRIVEE©, a service for CEOs only, to assist with personal life challenges.


Private CEO to CEO coaching meetings; our Full World Scan model to detect stress points or un-leveraged opportunities in the CEO's life; traditional developmental tools (leadership assessment, agenda analysis, decision making pattern review,...).
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