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What is RSS (Really Simple Syndication)?

This is like getting an email from us. It's a notification when a certain website you have pre-selected, like www.change-leaders.com, posts new information on their site.
RSS is a way to stay updated about new information you like to receive without having to go back every day to our site to see if something has been added.

An additional benefit is that you don't have to give out your email address in order to get the latest updates.

What Steps Do I Take?

Step 1 - You need a News Reader

* Either, download a News Reader (also called Newsfeed Reader), which sends all RSS-marked information from www.change-leaders.com to the downloaded Newsfeed Reader on your PC (not to your email program).

To download a free News Reader, go to www.rssreader.com or download.com

* Or, sign up for a free web-based News Reader, like Yahoo.

Subscribe to Bloglines Subscribe to Google Subscribe to MyYahoo!
Subscribe to Newsgator Subscribe to MyAOL Subscribe to MyMSN
Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to Pluck

Make sure to select a News Reader that works on your operating system.

Step 2 - In case you downloaded a News Reader

Return to www.change-leaders.com, click on this RSS Feed icon

        RSS Feed

and copy the URL ( www.change-leaders.com/rss/?feed=rss2 ).
Next, open your News Reader and click on Add.
Now, past the URL into the provided space.

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