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Executive Leadership Development

Marjan Bolmeijer, Founder and CEO, MBA
With years of experience as a trusted C-suite advisor to elite leaders of Fortune500 corporations, Marjan knows how to ensure that leaders don't stand in their own way... MORE »
Executive Leadership Development
Aart Pijl, Co-Founder, MCM, MA in HRM, CMC

Aart has an international reputation as High Innovator, the creative brain for difficult change problems or underperforming executive teams... MORE »
Executive Leadership Development
Loes Bon, Co-Founder, MCM, MS in BA, MS in Adult Learning, CMC

Her pleasant delivery of her razor sharp analysis and fast approach ‘forces' clients to focus, try, and shift to the next level. Loes knows unconscious, invisible group dynamics! ... MORE »

Company Information

With a clear vision to create a company dedicated to executive leadership development for Boards and CEOs, Marjan Bolmeijer, Aart Pijl, and Loes Bon came together in ‘94 to create Change Leaders, Inc.

The original objectives were to offer
- A different approach to the well-researched topics of executive leadership development
  and the dynamics of  complex individual and team changes
- Market leadership in our capability to deliver practical, transparent and client-friendly
  change approaches

Each Partner has 20+ years experience in the executive leadership development and executive team development. As Certified Management Consultants they bring Master degrees in Business, Change Management, Adult Learning, Human Resources and numerous certifications in Human Change Management approaches focused on executive leadership development.

Client Profile

As CEO advisors and Boardroom consultants, Change Leaders, Inc. clients span the globe and range from global FORTUNE500 to local $100 Mill companies. Clients come from a full range of industries, four continents, twenty countries, and with just as many cultures and languages.

Besides a few clients who granted permission, client confidentiality prohibits displaying names on this public site. References will certainly be provided in due time.

Network for Executive Leadership Development
Over the years, a wide range of client requests has led Change Leaders, Inc. to develop alliances with a variety of hand-picked experts and their boutique consulting companies across the world.

Results with client work
As determined by clients:
- 92% obtained considerable professional benefits (Board positions, one or two
  promotions, multiple division responsibilities,…)
- 87% reached specific and substantial business objectives
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